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Friday, January 11, 2008

Plan and protect now for 2008

Homeowners will need to protect themselves in 2008 to make sure their borrowing is properly protected to weather the financial storm of rising fuel costs and stalling retail figures.

The threat of inflation continues to loom and although the next move for UK interest rates is likely to be down, unemployment could rise and put the squeeze on consumers finances.

Many consumers have overspent at Christmas and with soaring gas and electricity prices, some people could be beginning to struggle with their borrowing.

Taking a gamble on losing your income through illness, accident or unemployment can cost homeowners their home if they have no form of protection.

Solution Mortgages offer well priced and effective Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance either via it's website or via telephone. You can get a quotation at and purchase the insurance on a pay monthly basis if you wish. Alternatively if you would like to speak to someone about the cover offered you can call 0845 123 1260.