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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting help gaining a re-mortgage with a poor credit rating

Here at Solution Mortgages Ltd we have an axtenive range of products to help clients who have a poor credit rating.

We can help in a number of circumstances;-

Self employed

  • 1 years accounts

  • most recent years figures generally used

  • Inland revenue SA302 acceptable


  • Capital raising for a broad range of purposes

  • Debt consolidation

  • Free valuations and free legals

Intelligent underwriting

  • No credit score - decisions made on customer's circumstances, not a score.

  • Can consider all types of declarable income

  • Loans up to £1m considered

  • Will consider minor historic credit events

First Time Buyers

  • Up to 90% LTV

  • Free valuations

  • Loans available up to £500K


  • Up to 100% of regular overtime/bonus taken

  • Up to 100% of second job income taken

  • Pension and investment income allowable

If you need help with this please call 0845 1231260 or visit our website on

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